SEO optimize for mobile devices

Mobile devices

Are devices designed for portability being both compact and easy to carry when you have to go somewhere. Mobile devices are also known as laptops. Laptops are not considered to be mobile devices because they are larger in size and not small enough to be held in one hand.
In recent years, mobile devices have become more and more widespread and used in everyday life because they are able to offer the user a wide and complex range of functionalities.

SEO Optimize

Because we are increasingly using mobile devices, especially phones we want to be provided with the information and content appropriate for any device and resolution so it is important that a site is well optimized for mobile devices. Google is very focused on the demand of the people and because the use of smartphones is very important it is important that a site be optimized on a mobile phone if we want our site to be well positioned in Google. An optimized site must display clear and fair content for any device and for any resolution

SEO Tools

Google provides various SEO tools to check your site’s compatibility for a mobile device such as Google Speed Insights, evaluates your site for the mobile and desktop version, and detects the most important content, as well as tips for solving existing problems related to the structure of your site as well as suggestions on optimizing for javascript sitemap or html images. Webmastertools is a site that does seo analize of your site and identifies the most important elements and gives you suggestions for optimizing and solving problems

SEO site evaluation

The evaluation is made according to the criteria that the content of the site meets from the title, descriptions of images and to the compressing of the source html / javascript / css. If your site meets the parameters and is optimally sized and contains all the necessary meta tags and has a fast loading, you will receive a good rating, it will automatically be easier to position on the first pages on Google.

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